ProTrend Expert Advisor – Adequate Martingale in Action

Advisor characteristics

Platform : MetaTrader 4

Version : 1.0

Currency pairs : USDCHF and other instruments with moderate volatility

Timeframe : H1

Robot type : martingale grid

Working time : unlimited

Trading principle

The difference from the rest of the “monkeys” is that here the lot, when building the grid, increases not in geometric, but in arithmetic progression. This reduces the load on the deposit and allows you to experience strong trends.

Otherwise, ProTrend is a standard grid:

  • complex market analysis is not carried out. The exact algorithm of work is unknown, but judging by the deals, the color and range of the previous candle is analyzed. If it is white, the robot opens a long position, black – a short one;
  • a grid with a fixed step between orders is built. The lot increases slowly;
  • when the grid is closed, a re-entry into the market follows, this usually occurs within 1-5 candles after the profit is fixed.

ProTrend Expert Advisor Settings

ProTrend Expert Advisor Settings

Standard list of grid settings:

  • Risk – lot volume as a percentage of the deposit;
  • TP – take profit in points;
  • Step – step between the knees of the mesh;
  • TimeStart / End – trading start and end time;
  • Spread – filtering by maximum spread;
  • TimeLife – lifetime of candlestick trades;
  • MinBalance – drawdown filter. If the deposit falls below this value, trading will stop.

he advisor itself determines the bit depth of quotes. Key settings are lot size, TP value and step between grid levels. Experiment with them when optimizing.

Test results

The set includes a set only for USDCHF, but the grid is suitable for any pairs with moderate volatility. You need to experiment a little with the settings of the step between orders, lot, take profit.

Besides USDCHF, ProTrend has been tested on other pairs as well.


With the recommended set of settings, the Expert Advisor performs well at a long distance. This is rare for martingale robots. Due to the soft martingale, the advisor needs a more serious rollback to reach zero, but we get a reduced load on the deposit, this is more important. ProTrend is already working on a real account with a Metatrader 4 broker, I promise to report the results of trading in the next reviews.