Seven deals on the Sniper X strategy

Robot characteristics

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Version: 2.06

Currency pairs: no restrictions, but each one needs optimization

Timeframe: no limits

Robot type: indicator trend medium-term

Opening hours: preferably to work at the European session

Trading principle

Kelter Trailin trading strategy uses RSI, Moving Average and Keltner Channel. Moving averages and the Kellner channel are used to find a trend entry point. In particular, the breakdown of the Keltner Channel boundary indicates the expected direction of movement.

A fixed stop is used, the EA is actively trailing trades in order to squeeze out the maximum. One winning trade following the trend covers small stops of 5-7 losing positions.

After optimization for a specific currency pair, the win rate is kept at the level of 75-80%. Taking into account that the profit is consistently higher than the stop, we get an advisor that is unable to drain the deposit.

The only vulnerability of the robot is market areas where there is no trend, but sharp jerks are made in both directions. The EA reacts with a slight delay and can get a couple of stops in a row.
Kelter Trailin Settings

Kelter Trailin Settings

I will dwell on the key parameters:

  • Signal to enter – by default, the option with the crossing of the Keltner channel is set. In addition, there are 3 more options for entering the market;
  • MA period and mode – fast moving parameters;
  • “Keltner Channels” period – the longer the period, the slower the channel indicator reacts to chart movements;
  • MAGIC – a number is assigned to each order, it is needed so that the advisor does not confuse its orders with others;
  • Min and Max lot – limit the volume of the transaction;
  • Risk per trade – the lot can be dynamic. It is set as the number of lots for each thousand of the deposit balance;
  • SL and TP – stop and take profit, respectively.

The rest of the settings can be left unchanged. The robot is able to work with pending orders, this feature is disabled by default, good results are obtained with market trading. There is a block of temporary settings – a range of trading hours for each day is set.

Test results

Kelter Trading does not have a universal setting for all currency pairs. After optimization, for example, for GBPUSD, we get a stable profit.

The drawdown is high at the moment, but there was no risk of losing the deposit. For the rest, there are no comments, but pay attention to the series of profitable trades – 14 entries in a row were closed with a profit.

But if we try to use the same settings on other instruments, we get a completely different result.

Putting a robot with the same parameters on a dozen currency pairs and forgetting about it will not work. We’ll have to tinker with the selection of settings.


I would not call the approach implemented in Kelter Trading revolutionary. The key to success is a reliable filter system and a competent trailing stop, which is enough to make money on trend movements.

You can get Kelter Trading as part of an annual subscription, we issue it and 10 more author’s advisors. The subscription does not just include “naked” advisors – it comes with a set of settings, training videos and 10 individual consultations directly with the developer! Also, within a year you will receive all the advisors and settings that we will develop. Subscribe! Below is a statement on which I traded a portfolio of advisors from a subscription on a real account.