WMD Forex strategy is a trader’s Swiss knife

Features of the updated WMD Forex

Let me remind you what a trading system is like:

  • now it includes 21 patterns of market entry – previously there were 14;
  • there is no subjectivity – there is a checklist for each scenario. Just check the implementation of the rules for entering the market and enter into a trade if all of them are met;
  • you can work on any timeframe. If you want – accelerate the deposit to M1, there is no time – go to H1 / H4 and trade in the medium term;
  • if you are not satisfied with Forex, you can work on the commodity and stock markets;
  • improved money management. If you follow our rules, the take-to-stop ratio will not fall below 3 to 1;
  • win rate at the level of 80-90% (provided that you do not take questionable entry points into work).

There are many patterns, but don’t be alarmed ahead of time. It was not easy to study their working off in history, it took a lot of time to check and process statistics. But in operation, each of the models is extremely simple. For example, I propose to analyze the work according to pattern # 1 – entry on a return after an impulse movement.
An example of work on WMD Forex

An example of work on WMD Forex

About the design itself:

  • there is a breakdown of the abandonment zone;
  • on the impulse, we pass in the direction of breakdown at least 10 points;
  • when returning to termination, open a trade in the direction of the breakout. There are entry options for a regular retest of a sellout, a reversal directly in this area and behind it (with a false breakout);
  • at night, on a “quiet” market, we do not use this method. It is advisable to hit the periods of maximum volatility – during the periods 09: 00-12: 00 Moscow time and after 15:00 Moscow time, when the US opens.

Examples of working out the pattern:

  • on M1, the picture complies with the rules;
  • be sure to check what is happening on the higher timeframe. For М1, you can limit yourself to a 15-minute chart;

I think you figured out the logic – this is the simplest pattern, but it works. The difficulty can be only in the construction of areas of termination, in the next article on WMD Forex I will tell you how to cope with this task.

Now, here’s a little mindfulness test. Below I will post a couple of pictures, and you will answer in the comments – was it worth it to enter the market in these situations.

A little hint – dates and currency pair are visible in the pictures. Go to M15 and assess the situation, I am waiting for answers in the comments.

What can a trader expect?

I cannot give a universal answer:

  • lovers of calm trading can limit themselves to almost risk-free trading and earn a stable 20-25% per month;
  • aggressive scalpers can accelerate the deposit 2+ times per month;
  • there are also intermediate options with a yield of about 50-70% per month.

The only thing you shouldn’t doubt is that WMDF works. This is proven by the living example of Western traders, where this TS is popular and earns on it.

I do not promise that you will repeat this result, but you will reach at least a stable plus with WMD Forex.


The old version of WMDF has not “broken”, it works, as before, brings profit to traders. As for the improvements on our part, they are not cosmetic and are aimed at increasing the efficiency of trade in general.